The Good Bread Company

The Bread List

The following is a list of what might available over the course of any normal week, but there are more to come:

Rustic Country Light Rye – our signature loaf.
Light Rye Sourdough
St. Gallener Dark Rye Sourdough
St. Lawrence Whole Wheat Sourdough
German Ryes

Buttermilk Sandwich Loaf – a daily offering
Farmer's Loaf – crusty with a chewy white interior

High-Fibre Raisin Bread
Raisin Walnut Loaf
Cranberry Pecan Loaf – usually every Sunday
Hazelnut Currant Loaf
Normandy Apple Loaf – sweetened with local cider
Fig and Walnut Loaf – a seasonal tease

Indian Summer Multigrain – our signature multigrain
Roasted Potato and Garlic Bread
Olive Boule
Beer Bread

Spelt and Red Fife bread.
Ancient Grains loaf.

Always available with advance ordering are our famous bun wheels – 36 tear-apart buns in a large presentation format. Extremely popular and fun for parties, picnics and holiday entertaining. Just call to order.