The Good Bread Company

Eat Good Bread

The Good Bread Company. We are a local artisan bakery located in Norfolk County about 15 minutes south of Simcoe, ON in the historic village of Vittoria. Specializing in quality breads, the flours, grains, and other ingredients are always the best we can acquire, organic if available, locally-grown and locally-milled as much as possible.

We make an effort to have something that appeals to every palate, and are always conscious of increasing numbers of people with dietary restrictions and food sensitivities. Thus we produce not only generally appealing varieties of loaves – like our buttermilk sandwich loaf and raisin walnut – but others that are more easily digestible, like our various ryes, sourdoughs, and ancient grain loaves. Further, we have partnered with a well-respected out-of-town gluten-free bakery in order to have breads and flours available for those with more acute gluten allergies.