The Good Bread Company: Our Story


Since 2012, we have been offering Artisanal Breads and Baked Goods. We began as a very small local bakery in the historic village of Vittoria. Our growth was achieved by reaching our through a variety of ways - area Farmer’s Markets from Woodstock to Port Rowan, Simcoe and Waterford. Also, being part of the wider community through Soup Events, various art projects, and special events. 

Founded by our Baker - Daniel Pruden and Co-Owner Richard Posavad, who through endless tasting, trials and errors developed signature loaves and seasonal specialties.  Popular not only in Norfolk County but throughout Southern Ontario and beyond. In 2019, we relocated our retail and pastry kitchen into the historic Baptist Church (the oldest church in Norfolk County, 2nd oldest in Canada - est. 1852) at 15 Lamport Street. Bread production still remains at our old location until renovations are completed and we look forward to being under one roof with expanded capacity.

Adjacent to our bakery we have also renovated the sanctuary - the flexible nature allows for  concerts, classes, private parties and corporate events. Creating food and an experiential destination - Richard's Hall.