Baquettes stacked.

Buns and Baguettes

Classic Demi-baguette

It is said that it takes a year of daily practice for a baker to perfect a good baguette. We put in our time. This is a half-size classic French stick, with a very careful balance between crusty exterior and chewy interior, ideally to be eaten on the day of bake. The textures are the result of a careful blend of wheat flours, fresh yeast, and a touch of Dead Sea Salt, careful observation and an artisan’s touch. One of our daily breads.


Bread flour, sugar, sea salt, bakers yeast

Serving suggestions

A perfect accompaniment to any French meal, sliced for your charcuterie board, whole for your picnic basket, or for snacking on the way home from the bakery.

Jalapeno and Cheese Demi-baguette

For those who like a little fire in their diet, this interesting blend of jalapeno peppers and onion hits the spot. The heat is counterbalanced by a generous smear of melted cheddar. Often baked in bun shape for your BBQ.


Bread flour, jalapeno peppers, cheddar cheese, Spanish onion, white sugar, sea salt, bakers yeast

Serving Suggestion

Great by itself as a snack food. Counterbalance with a cold beverage, mild and cooling accompaniments. Buns are great for burgers, exotic sandwiches.

Sweet and Hot Demi-baguette

This is a 3 o'clock in the morning brainwave. Approximately a foot long, this savory demi starts with an all white flour base, and a touch of sea salt. We add sweet gherkins, and a modicum of banana peppers, whose low heat balances off the sweetness of the pickles. It is mostly sweet and marginally hot. Lovely. 


Bread flour, banana peppers, sweet gherkens, white sugar, sea salt, bakers yeast

Serving Suggestions

Lovely sliced into crostini appearing on a cheese board, great with butter, amazing with artisanal hummus.